So do you need a flat roof?

It may be that you do need a flat roof. The question is, are you having a small extension unit added to the home or to your business? There are many reasons why you would need a flat roof and we will look at what getting one entails. First of all allow me to point you in the direction of a company that can help you install one. The one I’m thinking of is the Gloucester flat roofing company at this address . They will be able to assist you in installing one but let me give you some introductory information first. You may want to get more info afterwards and I would again suggest you follow the link.

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The overriding reason to have a flat roof is generally one of cost. When you consider that a pitched roof can be quite costly in terms of the work hours and the need for a skilled craftsperson to come and do the work. The application of a pitched roof to a small addition to a property is certainly prohibitive when considering cost.

The cost of the flat roof on the other hand is much more acceptable. It is a very simply horizontal placement located on to the joists of the ceiling creating a strong bond. An all-weather membrane is then added to the structure covering it sufficiently to keep out the elements. This does not require specialist work and can last with correct placement for decades. It is a world away from the simple mineral felt and selection of stone chips that was used before.

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Not so with the flat roof. To be clear and to calm any fears you may have the roof is not actually flat. It may well have the appearance of being flat but it is in fact slightly inclined. This slope is only by a few degrees so as to be imperceptible if you have the need to walk on it but it is definitely there. No roof is ever built flat. The reason for this is that the rain water would start to collect and will cause considerable problems. The collection of stagnant rain water will encourage the degradation of the roof and will set about promoting damp patches. The membrane of the flat rood is vital to keeping out the water and it will need a regular check although this is not a particularly difficult one. The membrane does have the possibility of cracking under extremes of heat and whist this is not that likely in the UK it should not be discounted. If it should crack then there are cases where moss and algae have got into it and can promote growth unwanted flora.

I hope that this has given you some idea on the subject.

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