What are you and your Family going to do this weekend now that the sunny weather is here?

The sun is shining and the weather forecast for the weekend is blue skies and soaring temperatures, so what are you and your family going to do?  Farm Parks, Zoos, the Sea-side, a picnic in the Forest, all great ideas but you’ve done them all before and you want to try something different.  How about Geocaching, take your Family treasure hunting with a difference?  What about a Hot Air balloon ride, imagine soaring over the Countryside with your local Town disappearing from site as you float silently across the patchwork landscape far below?

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From Paintballing in Scotland to Rock-climbing in Wales, from Horse riding in Devon to Zip-wiring in Gloucestershire, the opportunities are endless.  Looking for ideas what to do outside in Newbury with your family then look for Outdoor Events Newbury and you will find a plethora of ideas?  From Kayaking along a rambling River in Wales to Horse riding around your local Countryside lanes, the sunny weather allows endless opportunities to indulge in an activity you’ve never tried before.

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If you can’t afford to indulge in this kind of adventure then some clever thinking out-side of the box will allow you and your family to enjoy a great day out in the sunshine without spending a fortune.  Plan a treasure hunt of your own, follow a cycle path around your local woods or just relax in the back garden with the huge paddling pool you’ve never used before and enjoy an old-fashioned bar-b-que.

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